Final Fantastic-5G Workshop 2017 @EuCNC in Oulu

FANTASTIC-5G, SPEED-5G and Flex5GWare projects are holding a joint 5GPPP workshop at the EuCNC 2017 in Oulu, Finland on Monday June 12th, thereby presenting the latest results of 5GPPP phase 1 on the design of 5G New Air Interface PHY/MAC Layers Design and Hardware Aspects Below and Above 6 GHz.
This will specifically include the specific findings regarding 5G new waveforms, flexible air interface for the 5G vertical market, coexistence issues, flexible and adaptive novel MAC design, and a much more dynamic management of the available spectrum resources and advanced sensing techniques. In addition, the workshop will present enabling technology solutions for massive machine-type communication, ultra-reliable communications as well as interference mitigation with FDD and TDD providing 7-10x higher spectral efficiency over LTE 4×4 outcome. Eventually, the workshop will highlight implementation issues of the new 5G air interface for bands below and above 6 GHz, which will pose stringent requirements on the hardware platforms. For this reason, an important topic in this workshop is related to new concepts and solutions for highly performant, energy efficient and flexible hardware (both analogue and digital) in 5G networks.

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