Public Deliverable D4.2 – Final results for the flexible 5G air interface multi-node/multi-antenna solution

The Fifth Generation (5G) of cellular communications will support a plethora of services, devices and mobility patterns. The driving force behind 5G is the five core services considered in Fantastic-5G, namely:
– Mobile BroadBand (MBB)
– Massive Machine Communications (MMC)
– Mission Critical Communications (MCC)
– Broadcast/Multicast Services (BMS)
– Vehicle-to-vehicle and vehicle-to-infrastructure communications (V2X)
A substantial degree of innovation is required to accomplish a common air interface capable of supporting the heterogeneous needs of these core services. To that end, in this document we describe the final results and innovations obtained in Work Package 4 in three major areas: (i) “Context Information and Radio Resource Management”; (ii) Advanced Connectivity Options; and (iii) Spectral Efficiency boosters. The proposed features within these three areas forms the projects network design proposal for a multi-service capable air interface design.