Deliverable D5.2 – PoC intermediate version and component implementation

After the completion of Task 5.1 related to the identification of the scenarios and key technical components of the different FANTASTIC-5G proof-of-concepts (PoCs), the research activities of WP5 have focused on the hardware/software implementation of these components and scenarios to demonstrate their feasibility and superiority in the context of the foreseen 5G air interface.
Therefore, this second deliverable of WP5 describes the proposed implementations and algorithm/architecture optimizations of the identified key components as well as the associated results and PoC intermediate version setup and outcomes.
The implementation of PoC component activities are grouped and presented in three main categories: (1) Prototyping for post-OFDM waveforms, (2) Evaluation of waveform coexistence aspects, and (3) Development of an SDR-based demonstration for broadcast and multicast transmission.