Deliverable D5.3 Integrated platforms and evaluation results

The proof-of-concepts (PoCs) of FANTASTIC-5G aim at demonstrating the feasibility and the superiority of selected FANTASTIC-5G air interface technologies. This third and last deliverable of WP5 (D5.3) presents the integration of the developed PoC components into the final PoC platforms. It describes the integrated platforms, the evaluation results and the final measurements. To that end, the deliverable starts by briefly revising part of the scenarios and main PoC building components provided in the previous two deliverables (D5.1 and D5.2) in order to provide a complete picture of the integrated platforms. Then, the deliverable presents the evaluation results and the main outcomes of the different PoCs. The different PoCs are classified and presented in three main categories: (1) Prototyping for post-OFDM waveforms, (2) Evaluation of waveform coexistence aspects, and (3) Development of an SDR-based demonstration for broadcast and multicast transmission.