Fantastic-5G 5G-PPP Project On 5G Air Interface Below 6 GHZ

With 4g being currently massively rolled-out, it becomes apparent, that while it is very well suited to serve the wirless communication need of today, it will quickly reach its limits. This is obvious due to the following obsverable trends:


Detailed information is available in the FANTASTIC-5G EuCNC 2015 paper.


5G-PPP Project on 5G Air Interface Below 6 GHz

The next generation (5G) celluar technology is expected to arrive in 2020. There are four trends indicating the need for a new generation of celluar technology including new air interfaces:

The air interfaces for 2G, 3G and 4G were all designed for specific use cases (limited only to voice and data comuncations) with a certain number of limited KPIs in mind (throughout, capacity, dropped/blocked call rates, etc.). However, as outlined above, 5G requried the support of a much broader class of services and consequently a very diverse family of devices an traffic characteristics. FANTASTIC-5G is a European project which will develop a new multi-service Air Interface (AI) for below 6 GHz through a modular design. To allow the system to adapt to the anticipated heterogeneity, the pursued properties are: flexibility, scalability, versatility, efficiency and future-proofness. To this end, the project will develop the technical AI components and integrate them into an overall AI framework where adaptation to the above described sources of heterogeneity will be accomplished. The work will also comprise intense validation and system level simulations. The consortium possesses the main stakeholders for innovation and impacting standardization, maintaining Europe at the forefront.

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